Nicole Rothe

Owner of Body By Nicole &
Independent Mary Kay Sales Director

Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Russell Sage
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
WITS Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified in Nutrition

I have always been very driven and determined. If I set my mind on it, I achieve it. The dream car I wanted? Got it. Personal goals? Done and onto new ones.

Then over 10 years ago, I was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left me having to relearn to walk, talk, and do daily everyday activities. I had to take drugs to keep me alive and ease the pain I was experiencing. In the interim, I gained an excess of 75 lbs.

Not being able to work out left me depressed, frustrated, and frightened. I had given up hope of ever seeing myself as I once was. I forgot all about the training and well-being I once educated countless others in and was slowly losing myself. It took 7 long years to finally get medical clearance to exercise again.

My experience has allowed me to be more understanding and empathetic toward my clients and their struggles in achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. I’m proud to say that in just over 5 months, I lost most of the weight. I am stronger and could get off all the drugs that had become a crutch to me for so long.

What had once come easy to me regarding exercise and a healthy lifestyle has become a challenge. I share my story in hopes it serves to help and inspire others. Anyone can achieve the desired results with time, effort, and consistency.